Awarded Fundings

Co-PI for "RII Track-2 FEC: Artificial Intelligence on Sustainable Energy Infrastructure Network (AI SUSTEIN) and Beyond towards Industries of the Future

Amount Awarded: $5,977,488 

Duration: 2021-2025

Awarding Body: National Science Foundation (NSF)

Primary PI's: Ying  Huang (PI), Trung  Le (Co-PI), Haitao  Liao (Co-PI), Israt  Jahan (Co-PI), Eakalak  Khan (Co-PI), Om Prakash  Yadav (Former PI)

PI for "Smart IoT System for Obstructive Sleep Apnea Monitoring and Forecasting in Head and Neck Cancer Patients Undergoing Radiotherapy

Amount Awarded: $110,000

Duration: 2020-2022

Awarding Body: National Institutes of Health (NIH)-DaCCoTa

Primary PI's: Trung Le 

PI for "Smart Connected Health and IoT Telemedicine Systems for Research and Education in Sleep Medicine, Mental Health, and Biomedical Engineering at North Dakota State University

Amount Awarded: $34,000

Duration: 2020-2021


Primary PI's: Trung Le 

PI for "Point of Care Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) Monitoring and Forecasting Platform for Cancer Patients" 

Amount Awarded: $25,000

Duration: 2019-2020

Awarding Body: National Institutes of Health (NIH)-DaCCoTa

Primary PI's: Trung Le 

Clinical PI's: Arveity Setty 

PI for "Modelling of Acoustic Tweezer for the Application in Non-invasive Sleep Apnea Treatment "

Amount Awarded: $5,000

Duration: 2019-2020

Awarding Body: North Dakota- EPSCOR Undergraduate Research

Primary PI's: Trung Le 

PI for “Nonlinear System Dynamics Forecasting of Acute Myocardial Infarction Events”

Amount Awarded: $36,000

Duration: 2018-2020

Awarding Body: National Foundation for Science and Technology Development-Nafosted- Grant Program for Basic Research in Natural Sciences

Primary PI's: Trung Le 

Co-PI: Cuong Nguyen (Ho Chi Minh City-University of Technology), Maria-Cruz Villa-Uriol (Sheffield University- UK) 

Co-PI forWearable Sleepwear for Quantitative Prognostication and Non-invasive Therapy of Obstructive Sleep Apnea”, Abstract #1543226 

Amount Awarded: $ 256,331 

Duration: Sep 2015-Jan 2018

Awarding Body: NSF Division of Industrial Innovation & Partnership, Accelerating Innovation Research

Primary PI: Satish Bukkapatnam, Trung Le (Co-PI), Sunil Khatri (Co-PI) (withdrawn due to the relocation to International University-Vietnam National University)


PI for “Assessment and Evaluation of Misfit Sleep Tracking Devices Using Polysomnography (PSG) Data”

 Amount Awarded: $6,000

Duration: Nov 2016- Nov 2017

Awarding Body: Misfit-Fossil Company 

Primary PI's: Trung Le and Tho Le (International University-Vietnam National University).

 PI for “In Vivo Comparision of Sleep Stage Scoring in Wearable Devices and a Polysomnography System for the Improvements of At-home Real-time Sleep Disorder Monitoring and Detection Devices”

Amount Awarded: $1,500

Duration: Aug 2016-Aug 2017

Awarding Body: Seed Grant T2016-06-BME for Early Career Researcher-International University-Vietnam National University

Primary PI: Trung Le 

 Co-PI for “Mobile Diagnostics: A Solution to Vietnam's Healthcare Challenges”

Amount Awarded: £18,830

Duration: June 2016-Mar 2017

Awarding Body: EPSRC Global Challenges Research Fund-UK

Primary PI's: Cecile Perrault, Maria-Cruz Villa-Uriol, Vo Van Toi

Co-PIs: Guy Brown, Fabio Ciravegna, Paul Watton (University of Sheffield, UK), and Trung Le 

PI for “British Council Researcher Links Workshop Grant”

Amount Awarded: £50,000

Duration: Jan 2016-Dec 2016

Awarding Body: British Council Research Links

Primary PI's: Trung Le and Chi Hieu Le (Greenwich University-UK)

Mentors: Vo Van Toi (International University - Vietnam  National University, Vietnam), Le Hoai Quoc (President of Saigon High Tech Park), Raymond Lee (London South Bank University), and Michael Packianather (Cardiff University-UK)