Statement and Vision

Our long-term campaign aims to revolutionize sleep health awareness among high school students, integrating the latest sleep monitoring technologies into their everyday lives. Through comprehensive education plans and real-world applications, we're dedicated to illuminating the path toward better sleep and well-being for the youth in our communities.

We plan to enhance sleep health consciousness among high school students, a demographic profoundly affected by sleep deprivation and rhythmic disturbances. We initiatively evaluate existing knowledge levels about sleep health. Collaborations with subject matter experts will then shape tailored educational strategies. Implementation will follow, promoting good sleep practices and understanding of sleep disorders. Evaluating our approach's impact will refine future outreach, ensuring our efforts resonate and bring about positive change in students' sleep habits.

The campaign extends beyond mere awareness; it empowers students with insights into sleep physiology and hygiene, acquainting them with cutting-edge sleep monitoring technologies. This multifaceted educational thrust not only aids students in recognizing when to seek expert advice but also sparks interest in scientific fields like neuroscience and data science. Grounded in practical learning via classroom engagement and interactive activities, our initiative commences in Hillsborough and Pasco Counties with aspirations to amplify its reach to metropolitan hubs, fostering a generation prioritizing sleep health.

Ongoing Acitivities

1) University of South Florida-College Reach Out Program (CROP) 2024 Summer STEMS week

Where: EDU 150 University of South Florida, Tampa Campus, FL 

When: 12:30-3:30 pm EST June 20th , 2024

Registration: The 2023-2024 College Reach-Out Program (CROP) STEM Programming is reserved for currently enrolled rising 9th through 12th grade students in Hillsborough County.  Any first-generation students interested in joining CROP Summer Programming or the 2024-2025 cohort may contact Drs. Ruthmae Sears or  Fai Howard, Assistant Dean for Transition and Academic Growth. Dr. Ruthmae Sears (813-974-2172 (ph.) email: ruthmaesears@usf.edu) , Dr. Fai Howard (813-974-6039 (ph.) email: fhoward@usf.edu )

2) USF Engineering Expo at USF

Where: College of Engineering-University of South Florida-Tampa Campus, Florida

When: Feb , 2025

Registration: TBA http://expo.eng.usf.edu/index.html 

Past Events


Partners and Collaborators